Emergency Care for Your Toothache

Emergency CareIf you have a toothache and need emergency care, we are here to help. We understand that you cannot plan for when you will have a dental problem or when you might become uncomfortable. This is especially true when it comes to toothaches. Very often, we hear from patients who call after hours because they are suddenly dealing with discomfort. At times, this is caused by an accident; other times, it is due to cavities. Regardless, we can help when you need us the most.

Emergency Care Steps You Can Take

If you get a sudden toothache, there are steps you can take at home before giving us a call. There is a possibility you may have a piece of food stuck in between your teeth. If you have teeth that are crooked, the chance of this happening is increased. You can start by rinsing out your mouth, brushing your teeth, and flossing. If anything is stuck, this should remove it. However, we have treated plenty of patients with toothaches who do have something stuck and need us to get it out – something we are happy to do.

We also suggest taking ibuprofen and placing a cold compress on your face for fifteen minutes at a time. This will help to reduce any swelling you may have and also decrease the discomfort you are feeling.

You might also have a toothache because of a cavity. It is common to develop tooth decay, and if you do not have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis, the chance of this only increases. We recommend that you have your teeth cleaned twice a year so we can decrease the risk of you getting toothaches from a cavity. After all, preventing cavities is the best thing for your health. The good news is that cavities take time to develop, so if you receive ongoing dental care, there is a good chance we will catch the cavity before it causes you any discomfort.

If you do have a cavity, an infected tooth, gum disease, a damaged tooth, etc., we will schedule you for an immediate appointment. When you come in, we will conduct a physical examination and take x-rays to determine what is causing the problem. We will then numb the area that needs to be treated and provide you with an emergency treatment, so you can begin to feel better right away. If you have extensive damage, like a tooth that has fallen out, we can begin to address the problem by providing you with a temporary denture while you decide what you want the permanent solution to be.

If you need emergency care, you can call us at any time. While we are open during normal business hours, we can also help you outside of them. That is the benefit of having a local dentist on speed dial. You can get the help you need, exactly when you need it.