Overcome Dental Anxiety With Our General Dentistry Services

General Dentistry ServicesAs someone who provides general dentistry services, we know that one of the largest obstacles to people having the kind of oral health they should is fear. The idea of visiting a dentist and getting even general dental services causes many people a great deal of anxiety. This fear is widespread and common to virtually every country on earth. People are just plain scared of the dentist. In the US, studies have shown that between 9 percent and 20 percent of the population experiences severe panic when they have to undergo general dentistry services, and over 26 percent of the population will never visit a dentist unless they have a dental emergency. Despite knowing that the dentist can improve their quality of life, this segment of the population would prefer to stay away because they are dominated by their fears. Some folks are afraid of visiting us because it has been so long since they last had a checkup, and they are not sure what condition we will find their teeth in or what remedies might be in order to correct any defects.

Part of our general dentistry services is to help you overcome your fears.

All of those mentioned above are perfectly legitimate fears, which we deal with on a daily basis as the provider of general dentistry services. The reality is that most people are more afraid of the image they built up in their minds than of the actual dentist experience itself. The longer you stay away, the more likely you will build up the experience to be terrifying. With that being said, we believe there are three steps you can take to ease your fear of dentistry. First, you should take some time to learn about what we do. We can help with this. When a person understands what is going on and how safe it is, it becomes much harder to be afraid. Take some time to read up on a procedure, then ask your dentist about it. As highly trained professionals in general dentistry services, we can tell you what we are about to do in layman’s terms, show you the equipment, and do everything in our power to make you feel empowered and educated. Next, find out what you are afraid of. Knowing what makes you anxious is a great place to start a conversation with your dentist, who can work around it to make sure we do not feed into the fear itself. The great thing about knowing what you are afraid of specifically in the dentist office is that we can work with you to get around or through any fear you may have. As long as we both know what you are afraid of, we can pare down your fear to an isolated thing and then work on overcoming or working through it. Finally, the best way to overcome fear is to make sure you make it a regular practice to come in and get routine work done by your dentist. When you come in two times per year for standard examinations and teeth cleaning, facing the prospect of needing more intense work will no longer seem as scary.