Why You Need an Emergency Dentist if You Have a Dental Emergency

Emergency Dentist05/27/2015

As an emergency dentist, we are here when you need us.  It is impossible to avoid ever having a dental emergency, but when you do it is important to visit an emergency dentist rather than waiting for care. We are specifically trained to deal with sudden tooth damages or other dire dental circumstances. We can correct a variety of issues, including the ones below. 

What do I do if I my tooth gets knocked out?
If your permanent tooth gets knocked out, you should keep it moist until you visit our office. If possible, you can try to keep the tooth in your mouth without harming the roots, or you can keep it in a glass of milk. Come straight to our emergency dentist office to have your tooth placed back in its socket. Our dentist will need to see you within an hour of knocking your tooth out for the most positive outcomes.  If we are unable to save your tooth, we can provide you with other permanent replacement options that look like your original tooth. 

What can you do my tooth is cracked?
If you crack your tooth, you should first rinse the area with warm water to remove debris and to calm your discomfort. You can put gentle pressure on the area with a cold compress or ice to reduce swelling and bleeding if your gums were also injured. As an emergency dentist office, we can give you a durable crown to reduce the likelihood of the crack spreading. This will serve as a permanent brace for your tooth since cracks do not heal. If your crack is more of a chip, we can apply a bonding material to fill in the area. This material will be hardened and will make it look and feel like your tooth has not been altered. 

I have an object stuck in my teeth, how can I remove it? 

If an object gets lodged in your teeth, you should first try flossing. If flossing does not remove the object, we can take a closer look at the area and use specialized tools to remove the object before it causes any permanent damage or any more discomfort to your gums and teeth.

I bit my tongue, and it won’t stop bleeding, what should I do?

When you have bitten your tongue or cheek, it can cause discomfort. We can provide relief. If you have bitten it so badly that it won’t stop bleeding, you should visit our emergency dentist office. In the meantime, apply slight pressure and/or a cold compress to the area to slow the bleeding and swelling. Once you get to our office, our emergency dentist can evaluate the seriousness of your injury and determine whether you may need sutures or not. If you do need sutures, we can numb the area and apply your sutures quickly and without discomfort. Sutures will help return your oral tissue back to a healthy, whole state. 

If you have any of these questions or problems, visiting our emergency dentist should be your next step. Don’t delay if you have a dental emergency. Not seeking immediate dental attention can result in tooth loss, infection, or other detrimental effects. Our emergency dentist office can provide a solution for your needs right now.