Why You Should Switch to a Sedation Dentist

February 24, 2015


Sedation Dentist Visiting a sedation dentist can calm any fears you have about dental care.  If just thinking about dental drilling and numbing techniques can send you running, but you don’t have to run any longer. Sedation dentistry is a great way to eliminate the common dental phobia and anxiety that results from having your teeth worked on. Don’t let people tell you to toughen up and suffer through it when you don’t have to. If you are just visiting us for a general checkup, to have cavities filled, or for more extensive work, we can provide the service you need with a peaceful and pain-free environment.

When asked about visiting a sedation dentist, patients say it was the best, most secure they have ever felt at a dental appointment. Imagine walking in, getting settled, then spending your visit in a calm, happy state during your entire checkup. When switching to a sedation dentist, you can expect to either spend your visits in a contented lightly sedated state or a conscious sedation which is a slightly deeper sedation. Both of these options will wear off quickly after your appointment. We normally save the deepest sedation and unconscious sedation for dental surgery. 

During your appointment, you will still be awake, but you will be generally unaware about the ongoings of your checkup or procedure. This method is not invasive or painful. It is a quick and pleasant way to undergo your appointment. The process we use is simple. You will either be sedated by Nitrous Oxide via a mask over your nose, through an IV or through an oral or sublingual form of benzodiazepines. In severe situations or for big procedures, we will use general anesthesia. In most cases, if you opt for a form of benzodiazepines, you will be required to take the medication the night before or 30 minutes to an hour beforehand. Most sedation will still require an application of a local anesthetic at the area that needs work, but the sensation will be dulled.  

When you come in, you will need to speak with us about medications you are currently taking that may interfere with sedation medications. This will avoid any unexpected side effects or other issues that may arise from combining too many medications. Otherwise, side effects are very mild or very rare. 

If you are searching for an answer to years of apprehension regarding your dentistry care, we promise you won’t regret switching to working with a qualified and experienced sedation dentist. Your well-being during your visit is our top priority. Don’t let dental phobia get in the way of good oral hygiene and other preventative measures to keep your teeth healthy for years to come. Visit us, and you will never have to stress about cavities again. For a dental experience, you won’t be afraid to come back for in the future, switch to our office.