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If you have ever needed the help of an Emergency Dentist Chandler, AZ | Dental Emergency Specialist, then you know how important it is to see someone right away.  In our dental office, we offer extended hours and will return your call as quickly as possible.  This is of critical importance because the hospital emergency room does not treat teeth.  If, for example, you crack your tooth, the doctors there will not be able to restore it but will instead, refer you to a dentist for assistance.  With that in mind, it is far better to simply head to our office in the first place. 

If you want to reduce your risk of needing emergency dental care, we suggest having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year and getting a fluoride treatment for your children.  Adults can further strengthen their teeth by brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, as can children.  Fluoride helps to remineralize teeth and strengthen them so that there is a decreased risk of tooth decay or damage, in general. You can also help your teeth by limiting your intake of sugar or acidic foods since they can put teeth in further jeopardy of tooth decay.  After all, when teeth are strong, they are less likely to become damaged, in general.

As an emergency dentist, we know that healthy teeth are less likely to become damaged but it is impossible to prevent all types of emergencies.  For example, you cannot plan for or avoid a car accident, on the job injury or sports accident.  With that in mind, we can help you after hours and when you need us the most.  This is important because if you crack or chip your tooth, delaying treatment can lead to an infection as bacteria enter the damaged tooth.  This can lead to the need for a root canal and a restoration, something that can be avoided with access to emergency dental care. 

Who needs emergency care?

Everyone is susceptible to a dental emergency, both children, and adults.  In fact, statistically one-third of five-year-olds has already damaged a tooth and one-quarter of twelve-year-olds have damaged a permanent tooth.  From a very young age, this sets a pattern for oral health problems and if your child damages one of them, as an adult this pattern may continue.  Simultaneously, adults are likely to damage a tooth while playing sports.  Studies have shown that this is a leading cause of tooth injuries, impacting adults that play casually and on recreational teams.  In order to address this issue and prevent emergencies, we recommend wearing a mouth guard while playing sports or practicing.  A mouth guard is simple and easy to use but prevents hundreds of thousands of injuries ever year.  Even sports like basketball can lead to a tooth injury so taking the time to protect yourself is important.

As an emergency dentist, if you do injure your tooth, we want to see you right away.  You can help yourself to be more comfortable while waiting by icing the area of your injury for fifteen minutes at a time and taking ibuprofen.  Just be sure to avoid aspirin since it can thin your blood, making dental treatments more difficult.