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Dental Implants FAQs


Dental Implants Permanently Solve Tooth Loss

It doesn’t matter if tooth decay or a car accident is to blame for your missing teeth, the condition can still be frustrating. No one wants to deal with tooth loss. Not only does it make eating more of a challenge but also it makes it hard to feel confident in your own body. A smile says a lot about you and you want to be able to show it off to the world. But when you know your smile isn’t its best, it can be hard to even want to go out in public. However, that can all be changed with dental implants in Chandler, AZ.

Maybe you’ve heard about dental implants before but you’re not exactly sure how it works. That’s why your Chandler, AZ family dentist is here to give you the scoop on dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Teeth implants  consists of two parts: the small screw that is implanted into the jawbone and the artificial tooth. Once the screw is inserted into the jawbone, it is given a few months to heal and fuse together with the bones and surrounding tissue. This helps to anchor and stabilize the implant. Once your dentist checks your implant and sees that everything is going well, we will then place an artificial tooth on top of the implant to give you that complete smile once again.

The artificial tooth is also custom-made to match the rest of your natural teeth, so you don’t have to worry that your smile will look unnatural or that your artificial tooth will stand out. Your Chandler, AZ family dentist will ensure that your smile looks completely real and that you are satisfied.

What are the Benefits?

Dental implants offer an array of benefits. The most obvious one is that you have a complete smile that will increase your self-esteem and make you feel more comfortable when you’re in social situations. However, here are some other advantages to getting implants.

You look younger! Tooth loss can cause cheeks to cave in. Dental implants can round out the face and give you a more youthful appearance.
This is a permanent solution to tooth loss. Since the implant is anchored to bone, you don’t have to worry that this treatment will only last a couple years. As long as you maintain strong oral hygiene, this could last you a lifetime.
No cavities! Since this is an artificial tooth, you don’t have to worry that it will develop a cavity.

You can still brush and floss normally. You don’t have to change your regime at all. Treat your dental implant just as you would your normal teeth.
Enjoy all your favorite foods again. It can be a challenge to really savor your meals when you have problems chewing. Once you have dental implants, though, you no longer have to worry about this. Eat whatever makes you happy!

Are you ready to kiss tooth loss goodbye? We know you’ll be happy you took the plunge. If you want to get dental implants, then call your Chandler, AZ family dentist at (480) 802-6617.